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I’m a senior product designer at New_ Public, designing with public broadcasters for our Public Spaces Incubator. Previously, I worked as a product designer in the media and journalism industry in New York and D.C., including at Meta, The Atlantic, and Axios.

After studying comparative literature at Washington University in St. Louis, I moved to Italy to pursue my interests in photography and design. I still rely on what I learned as a comparative literature student: the importance of placing any work within its broader context. Later, I earned a master’s in economics at The New School for Social Research, where I focused on the relationship between economics, ethics, and politics. This continues to help me to understand the historical and economic context of design, and the social and political implications of technology.

In my free time, I try to take a break from the screen: I like to read and write 📚, take photos 📸, and spend time outside 🧘‍♀️🌴🌊.

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Salzburg, Austria

Design, Economics, and Ethics


"Opt-in for a better democracy," New_ Public

"The Limits of 'Design Ethics' Under Capitalism," Developing Economics

"What Are 'Ethics in Design'?," Slate


"The Capability Approach and A Critique of the Design of Digital Spaces," Working Paper Series, The New School for Social Research

Invited Talks:

"Ethics in Design," Imperial College London and Royal College of Art, Innovation Design Engineering MA/MSc (2023)



“Leaving,” The Iowa Review, Volume 53, Issue 1

"The Kitsune," Duende Literary


Kenyon Review Writers Workshop (2024)

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